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How can I find great content on TeacherVision?

Try entering a general search term, such as "biology" in the search bar. This will return a large number of results. Next, use the filters on the left side of the screen. With these filters, you will discover that the list of items for you to review becomes much more manageable. For example, try filtering this way: Subjects > Science > Earth Science Grades > 2nd Grade Tip: Give the "Type" filter a try. This filter lets you select the kind of resource that will be shown. Are you look...

How can I return to a resource that I viewed previously?

You can see a history of the TeacherVision resources that you have browsed. To access this History, use the following steps: - Click the person icon in the top-right corner of the screen - Click "My Dashboard" - Click the "History" link in the left-side navigation menu

How Do I Download Resources and Use With Google Classroom?

How to Download, Print, and Share TeacherVision Resources So you’ve clicked “Get Started,” set up your TeacherVision account, and found a great resource for your class. Now what? TeacherVision provides a variety of resources in PDF format: Teaching Resources, Activities, Graphic Organizers, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Book Guides, References, and Workbooks. All of these resources are PDFs and feature the “Preview” and “Download” button next to a thumbnail picture of the resource. They also ...

How does TeacherVision support Remote Learning?

This collection of resources ( will help you effectively manage the challenges of delivering quality instruction online.

I'm a writer. May I write an article for the TeacherVision blog?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the TeacherVision site! To apply to be a TeacherVision contributor or an Advisory Board member, please visit our Let's Collaborate page (

May I upload lessons that I have created onto the TeacherVision website?

You may wish to check out the page for the TeacherVision Advisory Board ( This group creates and curates new resources for the TeacherVision site. However, TeacherVision does not have a way for teachers to sell or share their own lessons on the TeacherVision website.

Can homeschoolers use TeacherVision?

Yes, parents will find many suitable resources on TeacherVision. We recommend browsing under the different subject headings at the top of the screen. Also, please click the image below to access the hub for Remote Learning. (

How can I find quality content for high school teachers?

The most popular secondary grade level content on TeacherVision can be found here (|8th+grade|9th+grade|10th+grade|11th+grade|12th+grade&filterby=most-popular). TeacherVision's editors also recommend the resources below as a sample of what can be found on TeacherVision: - Career exploration videos from TeacherVision and Genius Plaza (

I am a science teacher. How can I find materials that I can use?

Locate materials to use for science instruction by clicking the image below. Then, in the left-side navigation, narrow the search results to Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engineering, etc. as you wish. (

Do you have any activities for music teachers?

Yes, teachers can find activities for music instruction by clicking here ( (

Does TeacherVision have any materials for special ed?

Yes, to get started with special education materials, you may wish to visit this hub page ( Or, click here to see all of the special education materials ( that can be found on TeacherVision. (

Do you have anything for substitute teachers?

Yes, we do! You can view many of our resources for substitute teachers here (|3rd+grade).

I work with students in a career center. Does TeacherVision have materials to support students in exploration of careers?

TeacherVision has some great video resources to help students explore prospective careers. Click the image below to see a list of video interviews on TeacherVision from our Kidspiration partner. ( Also, click the image below to see our Genius Plaza videos for science-related careers. (

Does TeacherVision have materials for teachers of foreign languages?

TeacherVision has worksheets and activities for foreign language instructors. The materials are primarily for French and Spanish. Click the image below to see what is available. (|foreign+languages)

Does TeacherVision have content for ESL / EFL teachers?

We do not currently have an ESL/EFL section on TeacherVision. However, you may be interested in some of the content for English Language Learners that can be found here (

Does TeacherVision have any materials for working with English Language Learners?

Yes, to get started in TeacherVision with materials for English Language Learners, you may wish to visit this hub page ( To see all resources for ELLs, start at this search page ( (

Is it possible to change the way that results are sorted?

Searching on TeacherVision can sometimes return a large number of results. You can sort the results in three different ways. Start a search by typing into the main search bar at the top of the page. Above the list of results, near the top-right corner, change the sort to the way that you prefer to view the results. Your options are Relevance, Most Popular, and Most Recent. When you find a large number of search results, you can get to a more manageable list by narrowing your search by sub...