I need help with downloading resources

Please ensure that you are logged into your TeacherVision account before trying to download resources. This guide ( will assist you with downloading material from TeacherVision and sharing it with your students. After reviewing the guide, if you find that you are still unable to download resources, please try the following suggestion: - Point your mouse at the red “Download” button on a resource...

I believe I have a subscription but I cannot remember which email address I used

We can find your subscription if you are not sure of the email address you used when you started. Please contact us providing the following information: - the last four digits of the card that was charged - the date of the charge - the amount of the charge - your full name

How do I cancel my membership if I paid using PayPal?

Members who paid for a TeacherVision subscription using PayPal as their payment method must log into PayPal and cancel their billing agreement there.

I am trying to subscribe, but my credit card failed to process

If your subscription payment failed, please double-check to make sure that the postal code you entered is the same as the one in the billing address that your credit card company has on file. If that does not resolve the issue, you may need resubmit your order using a different card.

The site is not recognizing my subscription

1. TeacherVision requires you to allow cookies while you are on the website. Cookies allow the site to remember you and your subscription status as you move from one page to the next. If the site asks you to subscribe even though you have a subscription, there might be a problem with the TeacherVision cookie file stored on your computer. You can delete that file. A new one will be created the next time you log in. Managing cookies will be under the "Settings" area of your web browser. As one ex...

How can I restart an expired subscription?

We appreciate your interest in renewing! In order to do so, please go to and sign in using your old account information. Then, click the "Subscribe" button to start a new subscription.

How can I share only the question pages, not the answer pages?

If you want to print or share just the question pages of a resource, not the answer pages, these instructions will help: - Visit the TeacherVision resource page that contains material that you want. - Click the print icon. - For the print destination, instead of selecting a printer, choose "Save as PDF" from the dropdown menu. - From the "Pages" menu, instead of "All", choose just the page(s) that you want the students to see. - Click the "Save" button. This way, you can share the edi...

I'm having trouble playing a video

If you are having trouble playing a video on TeacherVision, please try closing any other applications that you have open on your computer that may be using your system's resources. Then, visit the TeacherVision video page again. The video should begin playing automatically. If the video still does not play, try using a different web browser to access the TeacherVision video page.