The site is not recognizing my subscription

1. TeacherVision requires you to allow cookies while you are on the website. Cookies allow the site to remember you and your subscription status as you move from one page to the next.

If the site asks you to subscribe even though you have a subscription, there might be a problem with the TeacherVision cookie file stored on your computer. You can delete that file. A new one will be created the next time you log in. Managing cookies will be under the "Settings" area of your web browser. As one example, here are the steps to follow in Google Chrome.

- First, log out of TeacherVision
- Open a Google Chrome tab
- Paste this into the address bar: 

- Delete any rows that have "" in them
- Now, log into TeacherVision again

2. If the trouble is happening at work, try logging into your TeacherVision account at home. If it is OK at home, you may need to contact your school's network administrator for assistance.