What content can I access with my account?

An unregistered visitor who comes to TeacherVision can click on an item that does not have the Premium band and then preview the item onscreen. This can be done for as many non-premium items as desired. Visitors will not be able to save or download any TeacherVision content until they register with TeacherVision.

Registered user
A user who registers with TeacherVision by providing their name, email, and grade will then be able to save and download non-premium items on TeacherVision. A registered user also will be able to preview three items that are marked with the Premium band.

Subscribed user
This is any user who has selected a subscription plan and provided a payment method. Subscribed users will be able to view an unlimited number of items, including premium and non-premium content. Also, subscribed users will be able to view the TeacherVision site without advertisements.